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Tyrone Square Mazda Battery Service

Stop by Tyrone Square Mazda’s service center today to take advantage of the free multi-point inspection to make sure that you and your battery are ready for the road ahead. Factors like extreme temperature, vibration, or poor maintenance can affect the health of your battery. We install only Genuine Mazda replacement batteries, which are designed to meet your vehicle’s original specifications, so you can leave confident in the quality and fit or your new battery. We will also provide our expert battery service on other makes and models, so we can keep all your vehicles starting correctly for years to come.

Mazda Genuine Batteries

When you purchase your battery from the Tyrone Square Service Center you will receive a five year warranty, that covers three years of free replacement and two years of pro-rated coverage. With the added peace of mind, knowing a factory certified technician has inspected your vehicle for any other hidden problem and install your new battery properly.


  • Slow cranking when you try to start your vehicle
  • Clicking noises when you turn the key
  • Interior lights start to dim
  • The dashboard battery warning light stays illuminated when your vehicle is running
  • Corrosion on the battery terminals when you pop the hood
  • Blown or missing fuses