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Extend the Life of Your Mazda

Overlooked Maintenance Items

Mazda’s innovative technologies not only keep drivers safer and more efficient on the road, but create the opportunity to keep your Mazda for years to come if you decide to. Tyrone Square Mazda wants to help you service your Mazda so that it remains a reliable vehicle for the long haul.

Simple routine maintenance helps extend the life of your Mazda. Read on and find out what often gets overlooked by drivers but can benefit you and your Mazda on the long run.

  • Throttle Body Cleaning: The throttle body is the component of the air intake system that determines exactly how much air to let combine with the fuel. A dirty throttle body prevents this from happening. Ask our service technicians to take a look or for information about how to do this yourself when you come in for a routine oil change.
  • MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor Cleaning: If you are experiencing abnormal symptoms from your Mazda such as engine hiccups, it may be time to get your MAF sensor cleaned. The MAF Sensor is critical for your engine’s performance but does not have a specified timeframe to get it replaced.
  • Air Filter Replacement: Air filter replacement schedules vary across all vehicles, which leaves many drivers wondering when the right time for replacement is. An air filter can be replaced if tapping the dirt off doesn’t do the trick. Gas mileage can decrease if the air filter is not producing clean air.
  • Mazda Maintenance: There are many components of a vehicle that we pay little or no attention to because of how minor they are! To avoid those, check this list out to keep your Mazda on the road.

If you want to extend the life of your Mazda, service your vehicle today! Let us help you by scheduling your next appointment with our service department. Call 727-344-3344 with questions.