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How To Maintain Your Mazda

Nothing is more important to the longevity of your Mazda than proper maintenance. At Tyrone Square Mazda, we know that Mazdas are built to last, but also know they can only last so long without routine care. We are proud to help you with all your parts and service needs. All you have to do is show up with your vehicle.

So, what should be on your mind when considering proper maintenance for your Mazda? First, take a look at our recommended maintenance schedules. Then, read through some basics:


It is easy to overlook your tires, taking them for granted until you’re stranded with a flat. A weak tire with low tread might lead to more than an inconvenience, though. Driving on tires that haven’t been properly maintained can cause dangerous accidents. When you bring your Mazda to Tyrone Square Mazda’s service department, we will check the tread, ensure that your tire pressure is what it should be, rotate your tires, check the alignment, and more. These measures will ensure that your tires last as long as possible and that you’re safe on the road.

Oil and Other Fluids

You should check your oil every month, making sure that it’s at the proper level and doesn’t appear too dirty. Our service technicians can show you how to do this. We’ll also talk to you about the proper intervals for changing your oil, which keeps your engine running for a long time. When we change your oil, we’ll also check your power-steering fluid, automatic transmission fluid, wiper fluid, and brake fluids. All of these fluids keep your Mazda running smoothly.


Perhaps nothing is more alarming than poorly working brakes. We can inspect your brakes to ensure that you don’t need new pads or fluids. While much of maintenance is focused on making sure your car will start, we understand the importance of making sure you can also stop when you need to! If you stop and go a lot, bring your Mazda in for routine brake maintenance before they’re showing signs of wear.

When you bring your vehicle to Tyrone Square Mazda, we can also check your air filter, replace old windshield wipers, test your lights, and more. Proper maintenance of your Mazda protects your investment in your vehicle, keeps you on the road, and saves you from costly repairs.  Schedule your service today.

You don’t have to have bought your vehicle with us to come here for routine service. We work on all makes and models and would love to assist you with your maintenance needs. Our certified technicians can get the job done! Take a look at our service specials.